The Amino Acid Analysis, Buoyant Density Titration, and Potentiometric Hydrogen Ion Titration of Human Immuno-Gamma Globulin: An Exercise in the Physical Properties of a Biological Macromolecule

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chemistry, amino acid, buoyant density titration, macromolecule, human immuno-gamma globulin


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Addressing ourselves specifically to the work undertaken herein, we have attempted to choose a subject which is of considerable significance not only chemically but biologically as well, and which thus might conceivably possess ramifications beyond those with which we shall deal. In the viewpoint of the is author, it is in such work that the real thrill of the research endeavor is to be encountered. Our exact purpose is to establish more clearly the correlations (or lack thereof) between three different but related sets of physical properties of the biological macromolecule called human immuno-gamma-globulin. These properties include the amino acid composition, the variation in buoyant density with pH (which shall hereafter be referred to as the buoyant density titration). and the potentiometric hydrogen ion titration of the macromolecule. Each of these phenomena will be introduced and discussed in considerable detail as we proceed. The end result of such a work, ideally, is a clearer model of how the molecule functions in terms of its properties, although such a goal may be considered high for this work. We shall certainly be satisfied if some significant correlations (or absences of such) are discovered between the three sets of data.

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