"The White Whore and the Bit Player": Analysis of the play and production

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theatre, arts, directing, play production, playwriting


Creative Writing | Performance Studies | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies


We have seen in America, a constant acceptance by the American public of the more avante-garde plays. We see constant revivals of some of the earlier experimental playwrights such as Brecht and Genet. Regional theatres around the country seem to be turning to a new expression of theatre art. I wanted to foster this awareness and this new vitality on this campus when I chose "The White Whore and The Bit Plyer". It was written by the upcoming playwright Tom Eyen. "Tom Eyen's is a theatre of the streets, a theatre of languages...of slang and gossip...A theatre of visual images...and fast cuts from scene to scene that turn the stage into a three-dimensional movie."

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