The Development of an Electron Microscopy Facility at the University of Redlands

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development of electron microscopy facility, University of Redlands, electron microscope, vacuum system, experimentation


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The development of an electron microscopy facility at the University of Redlands is described. The first phase of the development includes the repair of an electron microscope. At present, this electron microscope has the following level of performance.

Range of magnification: Low 600X ~ 15,000X

High 1,200X ~ 30,000X

Resolving power: at least 76 A

Photomicrography: 35mm roll film with 36 exposures

Exchange of specimen: 2 specimens can be inserted simultaneously and exchanged by a single operation outside the vacuum

Vacuum system: complete evacuation takes about 70 mins.

Beam current: depends on the oxide emitter, average beam current is about 70 µamp.

Average lifetime of oxide emitter: depends on the individual coating but average lifetime is about one hour operation time

Students are being trained to use and maintain the instrument. We do not have a sectioning machine for tissue work now but eventually we will. We are working on improving the techniques of operation which will ultimately achieve the maximum capability of the instrument.

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