Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

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The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra* was composed and orchestrated in the summer and fall of the year 1971. It was first performed in December of 1971 by the Mira-Costa College-Community Orchestra in Oceanside, California under the direction of Marvin H. Read. It was then performed in Redlands, California at the University of Redlands on January 26, 1971, by the University-Community Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Edward C. Tritt. On both occasions the composer was soloist.

The concerto has three movements which will be discussed more fully in the body of the report. The instrumentation of the concerto is somewhat unique: it includes strings, flute, bassoon, trombone, and timpani.

*This thesis also includes a separate reel-to-reel (tape), 3 3/4 ips, recording.

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