Peking and Hanoi: A Study in Amour and Animosity

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international relations, Peking, Hanoi, China, Vietnam, foreign policy


Asian Studies | International and Area Studies | International Law | International Relations | Political Science | Sociology


Jean Lacouture once wrote, "High strategic themes bureaucratic interests, intellectual baggage, and many other kinds of junk have been piled on to the war in Vietnam." This same statement could probably also be made of China, especially since discussion of China has become the vogue following its tete-a-tete with the United States. In other words, it is possible that not two countries are as misunderstood, and yet as highly discussed as the People's Republic of China and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The purpose of this thesis is to sift through the events which have brought China and North Vietnam into closer relations with each other, to analyze those events and their meaning for the Peking-Hanoi relationship, and to evaluate the results of those events.

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International Relations

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