Klavierubung, Part III by Johann Sebastian Bach

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On January 10, 1739, Johann Elias Bach, a second cousin and personal secretary to Johann Sebastian, wrote to Cantor Koch of Ronneberg:

"Thus it happens also that my honored cousin will bring out some clavier pieces which are mostly for organists and are exceedingly well-composed, and they will doubtless be ready for the coming Easter Fair, and make some 80 folios; if my Brother can obtain some subscribers for them, let him accept them at a price of..., for others later will have to pay more..."

He wrote again to the same person on September 28, 1739, and said that "the work of my honored cousin, engraved in copper, is now ready and may be obtained from him at 3 Reichsthaler per copy. The work referred to the Third Part of the Klavierubung. The subtitle read:

"Third Part of the Keyboard Practice consisting of Various Preludes on the Catechism and Other Hymns for the Organ. For the Pleasure of Music Lovers and Especially of Connisseurs of Work of This Kind Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer, Capellmeister, and Director Chori Musici in Leipzig. Published by the Author."

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