A Language Orientation for Secondary Educationally Handicapped Curriculum

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education, curriculum, handicapped, secondary education, language, communication


Curriculum and Instruction | Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Educational Methods | Secondary Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences


A child who has learned to effectively communicate both his feelings and his desires to others will find success in a classroom setting where he needs to listen to others as well as to express himself in a clear and organized method. It is the intend to this project to make an assessment of the language capabilities of educationally handicapped students on the secondary level, and to propose curriculum suggestions using language methodology to supplement the existing curriculum. By using a college to elicit both verbal and written expression, the abilities of ten percent of the educationally handicapped students at Redlands High School were compared to the language abilities of both remedial and normal students of the same chronological age. Each student was seen individually and group results were compiled and graphed to express a relationship between the three groups.

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