An Exploratory Study of Attitudes in the City of Redlands toward Rebuilding Sino-American Relations

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international relations, Sino-American relations, China, diplomacy, Redlands, public opinion


Asian History | Asian Studies | International and Area Studies | International Relations | Political Science | United States History


The lack of information among the public about China has resulted in a scarcity of well-formed opinions about Sino-American relations distressing the survey researcher. In addition, any opinions which have been formed seem to alter quickly when new information and situations become public knowledge. Facing these obstacles, an attempt has been made in this study to point out underlying attitudes which are directly related to opinions about rebuilding Sino-American relations, public opinion can be more deeply understood and more acurately described. It then becomes possible to survey attitudes which are determining factors in the formatin of the more changeable specific opinions about Sino-American relations. In so doing, a more long-range view of public attitudes toward rebuilding relations can be drawn.

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Asian Studies

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