The Future Status of Hongkong: A Study of Law and Policy

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Hong Kong, law, public policy, democracy, British colony, China


Asian History | Asian Studies | International and Area Studies | Political History | Political Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


I left Hongkong in 1967 for Redlands at the height of what seemed to be the greatest challenge to its existence since the British seized the land in the 1840's. Used to political impotence in Hongkong, I was struck by the political freedom of youths in America. How could Hongkong be so backward? This paper, a culmination of many conflicting thoughts about my homeland, is an attempt at offering an alternative to the political status quo. Whether this is an exercise in fantasy is for readers and history to judge. If it serves to stimulate more able minds than mine about the future of Hongkong, this paper will have served its purpose.

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