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This project will attempt to uncover the resources that are available to all types of aspiring entrepreneurs, whether they be sole proprietors, partnerships or corporations. The means of assistance that exist are sometimes not as easily identified as others or may not come to mind immediately. Many local, state, and federal government agencies aim at aiding entrepreneurs, as do business consultants, trade associations, literary works, education classes, online computer networks, and seminars. Often, some of the not-so-widely-known services are overlooked or neglected when they could be utilized by the user in endless ways. By not only identifying these resources but also by providing means of contact, it is my hope that this paper will aid business people in every field. This inspiration is founded on my own hopes to eventually pursue the field of entrepreneurship. Identifying such useful resources and familiarizing myself with the opportunities associated with start-up businesses will hopefully benefit not only myself but others as well.

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