The Integration of Peripheral Production Networks: A Study of the Automobile Industry in Spain and Central Europe

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The core section of the thesis is the development of automotive locales in Spain and Central Europe. In essence, these sections examine the background and development of the automotive industries. Several factors are considered, which include, but are not limited to the rise of automotive production in the regions, the developing regional passenger car markets, and the growing importance of export led growth to the European Union.

Comparative Analysis is the culminating section of the thesis. This section analyzes discoveries made through the research efforts. Several comparisons are made here between Spain and Central Europe, to give supporting "argumentaire" for the thesis. a major supporting argument lies in the relative advantages associated with the skill, cost, and abundance of labor. Also provided are potential threats to Central Europe as an automotive locale, to illustrate the regions vulnerability to changes in the economic environment. The end of this section shows a forecast of automotive production in Central Europe through the end of the decade.

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