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ArtSmirk is a networking website designed for artists to promote and enhance their creative expression. This can be achieved by providing artists with a web application that lets them upload their work for others to comment, critique, or offer suggestions. Users of this web application can view other member profiles and galleries, while being able to manage their own. ArtSmirk takes advantage of Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX for retrieving data from the webserver asynchronously. These approaches to development make the web application more responsive to used requests and the navigation more intuitive. Art Smirk has been designed to incorporate the future implementation of the latest invention for the web: HTML5 Canvas. With HTML canvas, graphics can be rendered and manipulated via JavaScript directly on the page without the need of a plugin such as the Adobe Flash Player. Currently, ArtSmirk does not use the HTML5 doctype, because many browsers lack support at the time of this writing.

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Computer Science

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