The Enhancement of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

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China is in a state of transition. Since the late 1970s, the country shifted its focus towards modernization, aligning the nation's interests with this mission. The reforms initiated by Deng Xiao Ping targeted the economic system, introduced market mechanisms, and implemented management restructuring in the state-owned enterprises (SOEs). These nation-wide programs have affected the Chinese as well as the international community.

Through a model-by-model analysis, this thesis developed suggestions that address the strengths and weaknesses of each model. It is clear that each model - shock therapy, incrementalism, decentralization, and enhancement - can be as effective as any other depending on the situation. The determining factor lies in the needs and characteristics of the SOE to which the model is applied. Therefore, the enhancement model is not an improvement to any of the other three models. Instead, it is an addition or alternative directed towards a select group of SOEs.

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