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Throughout history, math has been transformed, theorems have been proven, and great people have become known through their discoveries. One of these great people was Pierre Fermat, who studied law at the University of Orleans. Through his work as a government official and the office he held there, he was able to change his name to Pierre de Fermat. There is controversy as to when Fermat was actually born. Most historians say that he was born in 1601, but through research Klaus Barner, a professor at University of Kassel, Germany, found that Fermat was most likely born in 1607. This comes from documents showing that a boy with the name of Pierre with one 'r' was born to Fermat's father in 1601. Other documents show that this son died a few years after his mother. After Fermat's father remarried his wife had five children and one of them was the Pierre Fermat that we know of today. Through Fermat's death records we know he died in 1665 at the age of 57, it can be shown that"he was born between January 13, 1607, and January 12, 1608, and most probably in 1607". Now that the matter of Fermat's birth is addressed, let us focus on his life.

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