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Comparative Literature | Creative Writing


Genres. Categories. Boundaries. You walk into any bookstore or library and there they are. Any single genre, any simple type of book that you are looking for can be found on the shelves underneath the big placards designating in big, bold letters--Mystery, Romance, Horror. Also, they are not simply divided by type of material but by the intended age of audience. What if you do not want something with a mixture of them all? Is that possible? Is that beneficial? More specific to the audience age appropriateness issues, what if you want a mixture of children and adult fiction? What if you want to blend the fantasy and vividness of children's tales with the realism and seriousness of adult material? Considering that literature has been used to portray possible alternatives of history and the human condition, I would have to say that writing was meant to cross boundaries, those of reality, perception, and appropriateness. From my own understanding and experiences with literature, it is now time to cross over the boundaries of audience age appropriateness by fusing elements of adult and children's literature.

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Creative Writing