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Challenges, long hours, hard work, pressure, dedication, perseverance, commitment, competitiveness, aggressiveness, assertiveness--these descriptive figures of speech are how experts in the field of department store retailing describe their own profession and personnel. Many persons consider a career in retailing as an exciting occupation that they would not trade for any other. This is a business that is result-oriented, and the individuals employed in retailing, the second largest industry in the nation, have an enormous impact on the environment around them--what people wear, how they live and behave, what their dreams are, and how they handle fear. To be subject to the influence of this profession and to work in it are two entirely different things, however. At all levels, but especially from the tier of middle management on up, one experiences success and failure in this field that "is tomorrow today." You plan for Christmas in July, for example. You manage from the time of manufacture to the time of purchase and are given a lesson on the economy and the way society behaves every day that you work. This is an industry that is affected by "everything that happens on this green earth. Everything is [your] business."

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