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History, England, Queen Victoria, monarchy, society, tragedy


European History | History | International and Area Studies | Social History


It is ironic that four simple numbers denote something so important and complex as a year in the history of humankind. Four digits, 1901, name a year that in turn represents other periods of time. As time moved forward, 1901 melted into the past and became a memory. Yet it had uniqueness and specific identity. The feelings and events of 1901 illuminated those of previous years and influenced those of later years.

All that occurred was a product of the peculiar social, political, and economic climates of England at the time. Cherished political figures would die in later years, but never again would the British mourn for someone in the same they did for Queen Victoria. The doubt felt at her death might be approximated in the future, but the emotions and circumstances would never be the same. Yet, Victoria's death helped to prepare the British for later national tragedies as it reminded them of others in the past.

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