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Literature, Camus, Shadowed Corner, absurd, character development, literary criticism


Comparative Literature | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature


Willa Cather's title character in 'Paul's Case" is threatened by something quite frightening and unknown to him, which he characterizes as "the shadowed corner" and into which he eventually peers. From the short story, several interesting characteristics emerge that bear a remarkable resemblance tot he elements of the absurd experience Albert Camus presents in his essay "The Myth of Sisyphus" ("Le Mythe de Sisyphe," 1943). Upon this correspondence I have based the key device for this paper, an inn. Therefore, after a brief summary of "Paul's Case," I will establish the similarities between Paul's experience of the shadowed corner and the irrational, unreasonable world, an essential element of Camus' philosophy of the absurd. With this relationship established, I will describe the inn, The Shadowed Corner, and delineate the development of the rest of the paper with respect to it.

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English: Literature and Writing