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Chemistry, aluminum, metal, creep rate, sintered materials


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Sintered materials have been commercially available for many years, but only recently have they been used in high-temperature applications. This increasing use has necessitated an investigation into the creep rate of these metals. All sintered materials exhibit some degree of porosity which some scientists think affects the creep rates. A paper by M.S. Koval'chenko analyzing this relationship prompted the undertaking of the following research project.

As stated in the honors application, the project was to involve the experimental evaluation of the creep rate of sintered metal specimens having varying densities. The sintered specimens were made with aluminum powder because of its availability in varying grain sizes and because it required a relatively low pre-sintering compaction pressure. Because of the many difficulties encountered in forming the specimens, the research project became an experimental study of the process of sintering aluminum powder metal. Solid aluminum specimens were also tested for their creep rate.