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Play One: "Occupant Port Authority"

"John: (As this opening speech continues, special effects are utilized more and more to indicate that John is putting himself in a fantasy-like trance. Stage lights turn red; sounds of a storm at sea grow louder. The sunlight through the windows starts to flicker) He felt his breath quicken as he moved over to the body of the fallen soldier. He could see blood hanging like a string from the corner of the man's mouth. (Under his breath) From the corner of the man's mouth. Hmm. Grear shuddered. The man's eyes were open, and lying there, he was slowly making desperate gestures as if in a dream. Grear plunged his bayonet into the body at his feet...No."

Play Two: "Conversation by Moonlight"

"An adaptation of a chapter in Thomas Wolfe's novel, The Face of a Nation"

"Eugene: Is anybody there? (No answer) Ben? Is it you, Ben?

Ben: Yes. Who did you think it was, you little idiot?

Eugene: I wasn't sure. I-I couldn't see your face. Ben, I thought you were dead.

Ben: Ahhhh! Well listen to this, won't you? No, I'm not dead."

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