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Policy, administration, politics, government, decision-making


Political Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Government exists to make decisions, to formulate policy, and to allocate values. To function more effectively, man has established government to choose appropriate courses of action for him--in essence, to make public policy. Government has taken its charge seriously. The numerical quantity of governmental decision-making is voluminous.

Policy-making is clearly an integral component of government. As such, the study and understanding of the policy-making process is an important undertaking. As Raymond Bauer states, " enter the phenomenological world of policy-maker and understand the policy probably the most important intellectual problem with which we are faced." An accurate knowledge of the decision-making system allows a more complete apprehension of the difficulties encountered in formulating the best possible policy and may permit superior methods of policy-making to be developed.

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Political Science