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Mindfulness, Golf, Athletic performance


Applied Behavior Analysis | Psychology of Movement | Sports Sciences


Mindfulness interventions have shown considerable efficacy in dealing with many health problems such as stress, depression, and chronic pain. Only recently, however, has mindfulness intervention been used to enhance athletic performance. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the foundations of mindfulness interventions and its effectiveness in improving athletic performance. Along with the review, a case study design was used in which one male golfer, age 21, underwent a six-week mindfulness and relaxation intervention utilizing meditation and autogenic training. Progress was measured through the reporting of golf scores and statistics as well as journal entries. Golf statistics and journal entries showed no significant improvement in performance or reports of mindfulness during golf rounds. However, high mindfulness reports in journal entries positively correlated with lower golf scores. the results of the study and experiences of the participant make for valuable discussion on mental challenges faced by a competitive golfer.

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