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Automated data, acquisition, control, laser, computer science, engineering


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The paper presents a discussion of the design and testing of an automated data acquisition and control system for use in sub-nanosecond pulsed laser experiments. The system employs photodetectors, signal integration circuits, peak holding circuits, and an ISAAC interface to an Apple II+ computer. The software-based control system automates the experiments. Also, the experimenter can use the command subroutine library to build control programs for specific applications. This paper presents the results of several tests conducted to evaluate the system's performance. These included evaluations of the noise level in the system, tests of the effects of normalizing the samples to the laser pulse energy, checks for linear response of the system, and tests of the effects on the system performance of focusing the laser beam and diffusing it just before it reaches the detectors. Furthermore, the possible effects of random fluctuations in the beam polarization on the normalized signal are discussed. To illustrate the ability of the system to collect and analyze data in complicated spectroscopy experiments, the paper presents an example picosecond excited state absorption experiment on a hypothetical molecular system.

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