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Human rights, abuses, Czechoslovakia, Chile, Northern Ireland, international relations


European History | Human Rights Law | International and Area Studies | Latin American History | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


When one looks at human rights abuses, one is immediately taken aback by the horror of it all. How can people possibly do this to other people? The sight of, or even hearing about, these atrocities and injustices often precludes a rational discussion of why they happen. People tend to get caught up in their reactions to this very emotional issue, making it very difficult to be objective, which is crucial because, I believe, if one is objective one will get a better look at the causes of human rights abuses.

I will try to show that a circular pattern of abuse exists which leads to human rights abuses in three countries: Czechoslovakia, Chile, and the United Kingdom (Specifically, Northern Ireland). I chose these countries quite randomly; I chose a "first world" country, a "second world" country, and a 'third world" country, the only apparent thread being human rights problems in each country. In doing this, I hoped to dispell the perception of many that human rights is a third world problem.