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Business, urban planning, planning theory, local government, city planning


Business | Environmental Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Urban, Community and Regional Planning | Urban Studies and Planning


"Formal planning can provide openness, communication, and rationality, but does it?" That is the essence of my quest. I want to explore planning from the perspectives of theory and practice, to determine its objectives and its actualities, and to find out how effective it really is. Thus I will explore planning from the point of view of both theory and practice and then mesh the topics to come up with conclusions about making planning more effective.

My interest in planning arose primarily as a result of my internship in the City of Redlands Planning Department. From this position I observed the operations of the planning department within the context of local government, as well as getting a glimpse of other departments and their functions. Local governments have a variety of ways of planning for the future and charting the course of the city and I was interested in exploring the effectiveness of their approach.

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Business Administration