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Our society is constantly changing because of environmental, governmental, cultural, and technological factors. Once of these technological factors is the move towards "computerization." This movement ca best be described as the continuing development and spread of use of machines that are capable of doing complex calculations, enabling man to achieve things at an unheard of rate or quality. These calculations usually consist of programs that enable the machine to make a decision from several alternatives or arrive at an answer to a difficult problem. Computers, the prime example of this kind of machine, are in a constant state of evolution. Every couple of months, a discovery is made that changes the whole outlook of computers. Because of this ongoing development, many different kinds of computers are in use. [...] The large number of different computers can lead to confusion on the part of the user, i.e. what computer should i buy to best satisfy my needs? once this decision has been made, confusion may persist because of the numerous decisions in the areas of software, peripherals, and "connectivity."

This paper will attempt to alleviate some of the confusion in the area of computer connectivity, specifically local area networks, by developing a model discussing the major influences on network implementation and some functional detail of LAN operations.

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