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Paternalism, recreational substances, perception, law, legality, psychology


Law | Legal Studies | Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This experiment aimed to demonstrate the law's influence on perceptions of legal and illegal recreational substances. It also attempted to show that certain characteristics (attitude toward authority and previous drug use) would affect the law's influence on an individual. In this study, a questionnaire consisting of 3 parts was administered to 84 University of Redlands students enrolled in undergraduate Psychology courses. Attitude toward authority, previous drug use, and perceived physical and psychological health risks of a hypothetical substance were addressed by the questionnaire. Legal status varried in the substance descriptions. A 2(legality) b 2 (attitude toward authority) by 2(previous drug use) ANOVA's for each of two dependent variables demonstrated significant main effects for legality and previous drug use. No significant interactions were found.

Department 1 Awarding Honors Status