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Art, art history, Spain, Modernism, Els Quatre Gats


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The common consensus among Madrilenos (natives of Madrid) in the early 1900's was that Modernism as an art form did not exist at all, let alone in Spain. Yet, Modernism had its birth in the Catalan region of Spain (specifically in Barcelona) as early as 1890. Els Quatre Gats cafe is the institution that should be credited with its introduction into Spain. Els Quatre Gats has yet to receive the recognition it deserves, for it not only strengthened Catalan nationalism, but supported Modernist art, which was a direct result of 'Catalanismo' within the region of Catalonia, Spain. In order to fully understand the incredible impact yet virtual anonymity of Els Quatre Gats, one must be aware of the tense relations between Barcelona and Madrid that precede the opening of Els Quatre Gats cafe. If Madrid had been more receptive to the art being created in Barcelona between 1880-1905, it may have realized the potential that Modernist art held.

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