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This paper argues that a national health case crisis exists. The crisis is that the United States eventually will not be able to continue to provide health case services for its population. This crisis was created by social inequalities, strong public opinion, and economic unfeasibility, which is severe enough to lead to a collapse of the system. To prove this hypothesis, I will examine political issues to discover why the American health care system is in crisis and which policies can be implemented to avert the crisis. To understand properly the reasons and possible solutions to the health care crisis, it is imperative to understand the economic basis of spiraling health case costs because it gives one the necessary perspective for analyzing Demand-side and Supply-side analysis, along with production and cost function analysis. I have concluded that basic health care is a right for every citizen and the best way to ensure the fair and equal protection of that right, is through the development of a national health system.

Any discussion of the health care crisis and its possible reform, would not be complete without discussing the triangular relationship that exists between access, quality and cost. Theoretically, it would be more equitable to forfeit some degree of quality in order to ensure equal access for all. However, I do not think this will be necessary.

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