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Laser laboratory, photodissociation, compounds, optics, software development


Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


My senior honors project has been working with Dr. Jeff Bartz to design and set up a laser laboratory. We are interested in studying the energy of meta nitrosyl compounds as they are photodissociated by laser light in order to elucidate mechanisms of energy disposal in these compounds. I have worked on the experimental apparatus and instrumentation necessary to synthesize, photodissociate and analyze these compounds. Projects that will be discussed include 1) the development of the lab plan for Hornby basement lab, 2) the optimization of the Md:YAG-pumped dye laser system, 3) the construction of optics to generate UV light, 4) the construction of the sample chamber, 5) the assembly of the air-sensitive synthesis apparatus, and 6) the development of software to control the electronics used to collect data in the experiments.

Department 1 Awarding Honors Status