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Foreign policy, Croatia, Europe, United States, security, government


Diplomatic History | European History | International and Area Studies | International Relations | Political Science


This project was based on a current need to understand the political ramification of the war in former Yugoslavia. It turned out to be a fruitful exploration of my native country's foreign affairs.

I apply the knowledge of international politics learned at the University of Redlands to describe and analyze policies of the United States, Germany, Great Britain and France toward Croatia. Each of these world powers played an important role in the political recognition of the Republic of Croatia. In the first part of the paper I contemplate the differing policy responses of these countries to Croatian drive for independence. The sum of these was initially a great failure. Only recently, under the U.S. leadership, the international community has come to treat the crisis in this part of Europe properly. In the second part of the paper the alternatives for future conduct of Croatia's relations with the international community are considered. A description of the goals of Croatian foreign policy concludes the project.

I used both primary and secondary research methods to complete the study. The primary research was composed of my interviews with representatives of Croatian Parliament and the government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Secondary research was based on the written materials available on the subject of Croatia. These included books, political magazine articles, press conference releases, etc. I have used the resource of our university, as well as those of the Cambridge University, the University of Zagreb, Croatian National Library, and the Library of Parliament in Croatia.

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