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Religion, vegetarian, activism, diet, spirituality, humanitarianism


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Those concerned with ending the suffering and exploitation of animals em-ploy a variety of tools and methods in their quest. Philosophers and professors rationally and laboriously work through ethical proofs, highlighting humanity's inconsistent and arbitrary use of non-human animals. Doctors, both traditional and alternative, nurses, athletes, and nutritionists expound the profound health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets. Scientists and anti-vivisectionists attack not only the frivolous testing of toiletries and household products on animals, but also medical experiments claimed to save human life. Environmentalists and biologists condemn animal agriculture as a major contributor tot he destruction, degradation, and pollution of the earth's soil, air, and water. It seems the struggle for animal rights is moving forward on all fronts, challenging many people to rethink their relationship to non-human animals.

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Religious Studies