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While helping my mother decorate bulletin boards in her second grade classroom at Sacred Heart Parochial School, the same school where I spent the first eight years of my education, we began discussing a topic not unusual for me, religion. I was sharing with her possible ideas for my Honors Project in Religious Studies, and while discussing these ideas, I told her about a flyer I had been given in my World Religions class. A representative of the Baha'i tradition came to speak during one of our meetings, and at the end of her talk, passed out a small poster to all of the class members showing a similar trend in many of the world's religions. It visually displayed how each faith had its own unique version of the "Golden Rule." With drawings of small children representing Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, essentially it showed how all the religions taught the idea of treating others as one wants to be treated. In sharing this with her, I made the comment that having a number of religion classes, I have recognized a number of truths in many of the religions of the world, not just in my own. In fact, I added, there are even a number of similarities between some of these faiths.

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