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Music, sexual identity, female identity, Bessie Smith, Blues


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Music | Music Education | Women's Studies


The subordination of women is not a new idea or trend. It has existed for many years and has taken on myriad forms of dominance and control of women's lives and choices. Although claims have been made that we as women have "Come a long way, baby..." within current day society methods of control and supremacy over women are quite obvious. Examples such as sexual and domestic violence against women or a discrepancy in earned wages between women and their male counterparts point to female subordination within society. In other instances patriarchy manifests itself in women;s lives and attitudes towards ourselves through more subtle means, such as an inherent displeasure with our bodies sometimes leading to eating disorders, a difficulty in articulating our ideas and thinking them valid, a fear of expressing emotion, or a fear of asserting ourselves. The culture we live in and the media messages we are exposed to form a plethora of attitudes that are internalized and consequently limit our abilities and inherent potential to overcome these adversities.

Department 1 Awarding Honors Status