Dragon Tale

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Choreography, performance, stage direction, musical


Arts and Humanities | Music | Music Performance | Theatre and Performance Studies


As the stage director and choreographer for the Orff Children's Choir spring musical, Dragon Tale, I have been attending weekly Tuesday rehearsals in April and May from 4pm-6pm and the added rehearsals (as seen on the next page) for the principle roles. Planning for extra rehearsals was an especially time consuming task and took much collaboration between Mrs. Beckie and I with the Orff parents. In preparation for these rehearsals I have spent extra hours on my own becoming familiar with the music and dialogue, planning out choreography and blocking. I have enclosed a few example pages from my score, which show my technique of pre-planning and writing down choreography and staging as I feel necessary. Once in rehearsals, however, many of my ideas have evolved due to new ideas and to suit the children's capabilities. This has demanded much flexibility on my part. The time constraint has also been a challenge as I began rehearsals with the children at the end of April and we have had less than 6 full group rehearsals to put together each chorus number and scene. However, by overcoming each obstacle, this production has been extremely educational and helped me to grow as a teacher.

Department 1 Awarding Honors Status