On Directing "The Diary of Anne Frank"

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For my senior honors thesis in directing, I directed The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Since it was a creative thesis in the art of directing, the actual thesis ended with the public performances of the play. An attempt to capture on paper all the creative processes that eventually resulted in the actual performance would be impossible and beside the point. Therefore, I submit the following manuscript not as a research paper, but as a reflective analysis and practical record of the production. This record contains:

1) information about my preparation and research for the play.

2) a directing concept and interpretation of the play.

3) the directing techniques used in transferring my interpretation to life on the stage.

4) the production script.

5) a conclusion and evaluation.

Appended to the paper are the cast list and rehearsal schedule, publicity clippings, letters and reviews, and individual cast evaluations of the director.

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Theatre Arts

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