Problems in Political Communication in the Minority Communities of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, political communication, local politics, minority communities, race and ethnicity, local government


Civic and Community Engagement | Place and Environment | Political Science | Politics and Social Change | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Race and Ethnicity


The city of Los Angeles contains the entire spectrum of social dynamics in an urban environment. One cannot visit the city in more than a superficial way without feeling the intensity, the vibrations, or the sense of urgency which charge the air with the electricity of human existence. Two of the more obvious characteristics contributing to this atmosphere of the city are its vast wealth, as evidenced by the huge, towering business edifices, the community service buildings such as the Art Center, the Music Center, the Sports Arena, and its devastating neglect, as can be seen near Wrigley Field, the ghetto districts, and in the faces of the hungry children and the abandoned aged. Power flows forth from the walls of hundreds of churches echoing praise and hope in the Lord, the hustle and bustle of the bus terminal, the five o'clock stampede on Friday night, and the freeway system. The dynamic of human life is found in the corner preacher, the policeman, the executive, the hippie, the wino, the city councilman, and the bench philosophers of Pershing Square. All of these things are melted together in the great City of Los Angeles.

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