The Determinism-Indeterminism Controversy 1679-1910

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history, determinism-indeterminism controversy, philosophy, philosophers, Thomas Hobbes, William James


History | History of Philosophy | Philosophy


This paper presents a study of the determinism-indeterminism controversy from the year 1679, the date of Thomas Hobbes' death, to 1910, the death of William James'. The period will not be studied to discern the trends running through it, mentioning personalities as we go, but as a period in which several philosophers thought and wrote and who will be the objects of our attention. It is obvious that we cannot study a great many thinkers who lived in this period, for they are numerous. The ones we shall examine have been taken from the field in view of their important contributions to our topic, and therefore this paper will be concerned with the views of these men instead of the period as a whole. The men selected are Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, John Stuart Mill, and William James.

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