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birds, Queensland, Redlands, rainforest, chaparral


Ornithology | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology


This paper includes two studies.

The study from November through early December 1995 examines bird populations along a partially vegetated riparian rainforest restoration corridor on the Atherton Tableland in Norther Queensland, Australia. Habitats ranged from mature rainforest to grassland. Species composition and diversity among the various habitats along the corridor was assessed using point censusing and mist netting. Point censusing determined that 69 bird species, specifically 51 rainforest species, were using the corridor site.

The study from February through April 1996 examines bird species present in the parks of the city of Redlands, California. Park habitat ranged from chaparral vegetation to grass. Species composition in each park was determined by visual census. Twenty five different bird species were observed with 4 being classified as chaparral-requiring species. The parks were evaluated to determine if the use of corridors would be helpful in maintaining present populations of chaparral-requiring species.

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