Fredrich Nietzsche as Political Thinker

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Fredrich Nietzsche, politics, philosophy, political theory, Germany, nationalism


Comparative Politics | European History | German Language and Literature | Philosophy | Political Science | Political Theory


Fredrich Nietzsche, in his autobiography, prophetically describes himself as the last "anti-political" German. In the light of this description, it is paradoxical that Nietzsche has come to be known as the forerunner and apologist of the totalitarianism of the Third Reich. It i perhaps more that paradoxical that this philosopher, who implores his readers not to mistake him, has been so unwittingly or maliciously misunderstood by the majority of critics. Nietzsche has in fact been associated with almost every conceivable political philosophy from anarchism to totalitarianism, most of which he thoroughly despises. Just as Karl Marx occasionally exclaimed in exasperation, "All that I know is that I am not a Marxist," one can imagine Nietzsche uttering similar sentiments, had he lived to see the abominable ideas and actions his name would be invoked to justify.

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