The Role of Creative Federalism in Contemporary Urban Development

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creative federalism, urban development, modern, urban planning, cities, local government


Political Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Urban Studies | Urban Studies and Planning


Surely one of the most important sequences of events of the Twentieth Century has been what might be called "the urban revolution." As the cities have grown in size, their problems have become greater and more numerous and, as a result, more important to the nation as a whole. Today it would appear that there are no problems more important to the well-being of the American nation than those of the cities. The impact of change, or failure to change, resulting from solutions which may be developed for these problems seems likely to have significant implications for the entire future of the United States. In this regard two questions suggest themselves immediately: first, what are the crucial problems of the cities and, second, how should an attack on these problems be organized?

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