The Absolute Intensities of NaClO3 in Solid State Solutions

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chemistry, absolute intensities, solid state solutions, Person theory, NaClO3


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Measurements of the absolute intensities of NaClO3 in KI and KBr matrices were made in the infrared region of 400 cm-1 to 1400 cm-1 for the fundamental vibrations of the ClO3 ion. From the absolute intensities the dipole moment derivatives were calculated. The ratios of the absolute intensities or ClO3 in the matrix to that of the single crystal were compared to several theoretical predictions. It was concluded that the Person theory on medium effects seems to be followed for this system.

The temperature independence of the absolute intensities of NaClO3 was studied but no general trend was observed. The half widths and the peak heights were also recorded as a function of temperature.

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