An Introduction to the Theological Anthropology of Karl Barth

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religion, anthropology, Karl Barth, theological anthropology, human beings


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An introduction to the anthropology of Karl Barth is all that is intended in this paper. A definitive and exhaustive treatment of this subject would be possible only after obtaining a thorough knowledge of Barth's entire Church Dogmatics. This was impossible in the limited amount of time available for doing an honors project. In Barth's theology every theological statement also has direct anthropological significance, because for him all knowledge of God is given in the man Jesus. And Jesus was not only God; He was also the true man because He was the one man who was righteous before God. Barth believes that Jesus is the source of the only normative knowledge of man's being. The knowledge of man revealed in Jesus does not merely relate to the relationship between man and God, however; it is knowledge of man's entire being.

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