Instability in a Finite Row of Vanes

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instability, finite row of vanes, flat plates, computer science, engineering


Computer Sciences | Engineering | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


This report investigates an experimental and theoretical discussion of the phenomenon of oscillations in a finite row of flat plates.

The theoretical work discussed includes:

1. a small perturbation analysis using an effective angle of attack for each plate which predicts the necessary values of parameters for the occurring oscillations.

2. a computer model which predicts oscillations using the dynamic equations and experimental values of the static moments. (However, the period and amplitude do not correlate with the experiment.) And

3. a qualitative discussion of the oscillations including the conditions necessary for their continuation,

The experimental work consisted of:

1. design and construction of a prototype, wind tunnel, and flow visualization apparatus,

2. analyzing a row of six flat plates, including period, static moments, and flow patterns, and

3. experimental testing of the theoretical models using rows of five, four, three, and two plates, and plates of a different weight.

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