The Influences of Hypercapnia, Hypoxia, and Anoxia on the Regulation of Respiration of the Alligator

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biology, hypercapnia, hypoxia, anoxia, respiratory system, alligators


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Carbon dioxide is known to exert its influences on many of the body's systems. One of its effects is to act as a stimulus for respiration. Low oxygen tension (hypoxia) or complete lack of oxygen (anoxia) in many aquatic animals appears to regulate respiration by means of low oxygen content in the blood. Terrestrial animals, however, do not respond as readily to hypoxia since oxygen is much more abundant in the atmosphere, and hypoxia is never normally a problem. It its place, carbon dioxide acts as the respiratory stimulant. This does not mean to say that oxygen lack has no effect upon respiration. But it is only at very low oxygen tensions that oxygen lack exerts it effect upon the regulatory mechanisms of the respiratory center.

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