The National Education Association and the California Teachers Association: Educational Pressure Groups in the American Political System

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education, California, politics, government, teachers associations, representation


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The research for this paper project was completed in two stages. The first, including general background reading on the American political process and extensive interviews on educational interest groups operating on the national level, was completed in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1966. The second, including background reading on California state politics and interviews in Sacramento with participants in educational decision-making, was completed early this year.

The basic concern of this paper is with two distinct educational interest groups and the role they play in educational decision-making. The material presented is based extensively on interviews with individuals directly involved in educational politics. Their personal perceptions and evaluations provide the framework from which conclusions concerning the role of educational interest groups are drawn. Other materials, including most importantly general writings on the American political system, provide the background and framework from which to approach the specific topic.

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