The Balanced Culture: A Basis for Comparing Synchronous and Asynchronous Cultures of the Alga Chlorella

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balanced culture, alga chlorella, synchronous and asynchronous, cells, biology, green alga


Biology | Cell and Developmental Biology | Life Sciences


The single-celled green alga, Chorella pyrenoidosa was studied in the balanced state of growth. An optimum temperature was observed at 29o C. An increase in light intensity from 100 to 250 foot candles resulted in increased growth rate constants. Beyond 250 foot candles no substantial increase in growth rate was observed. Increased carbon dioxide concentration showed little, if any, effect on the growth rate of the culture.

This work questions Tamiya's and Lorenzen's use of light intensities up to 100 foot candles and carbon dioxide concentrations of 5 to 10 percent to study synchronous cultures of Chlorella.

Finally, a basis for determining the degree of synchrony is proposed. This method uses the generation time obtained from the balanced culture to compare, and evaluate a partially synchronous culture. In this manner, a synchronous culture has more meaning because the degree of synchrony is accurately determined.

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