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Snow, 4-NP, Deposition, Environmental, Transport, Instrumentation


Environmental Chemistry


Previous research on the environmental transport of the endocrine disruptor 4-nonylphenol, 4-NP, from California’s Central valley to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain has given evidence that snow acts as a reservoir for the compound. In this report an investigative study on snow’s physical characteristics was performed to understand the reservoir capacity snow has for 4-NP deposition. This was done through a series of controlled laboratory experiments which simulated 4-NP deposition to snow drifts in a manner similar to those see in the environment. This study allowed the researcher to determine the impact varying environmental factors, such as average snow particle size and wind velocity, had towards 4-NP partitioning to snow drifts.

After this, in field snow samples were collected from the Easter Sierra Nevada Mountain study site and analyzed through the scope of knowledge established from the controlled laboratory experiments. This allowed for a thorough analysis of snow samples and the concentrations of 4-NP found within the samples.

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