The Translation and Production of Maria Luisa Ocampo's Another Day

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theatre, Spanish to English translation, Maria Luisa Ocampo, production, playwriting, performance


Chicana/o Studies | Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory | Latin American Studies | Performance Studies | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies


When one sets out to explain exactly why he chose to attempt the creation of a work of art, he finds himself at a loss. The very deepest reasons and needs that cause a writer to write a novel, a singer to sing an aria, or a painter to paint a picture, a student of theatre to direct a play must, perhaps, remain eternally hidden within the recesses of that ultimate enigma, the human soul. Assuming that I had a very good reason, unaware of it though I may be, for daring to recreate human life and action on the stage, I should like to discuss some of the aspects and results of this god-like attempt on my part.

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