A Comparative Study of Mexican-American Delinquents and Non-Delinquents in a Selected Geographical Area of Redlands, California

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juvenile delinquency, Mexican-American youths, Redlands, criminology, demographics, society and culture


Chicana/o Studies | Criminology and Criminal Justice | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Latina/o Studies | Legal Studies | Race and Ethnicity | Sociology


Many theorists in the field of criminology have attempted to explain the sources of crime and delinquency. This paper, however, will not deal with all the theories of criminology, but will limit itself to the ecological approach towards juvenile delinquency. Most of the major ecological studies done in the field of delinquency in that no consideration is given to the fact that there are within the high delinquency area the non-delinquents. None of the major ecological studies done in America have compared groups of juvenile delinquents and non-delinquents selected from a given geographical area.

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